Become a member

So you've decided to become a member...


We welcome you. Have you've heard the saying "With great power comes great responsibility"? Well that applies to becoming a member at Harvest. 

Becoming a member is a 3 step process.

1. Attend Harvest for three (3) months.

2. Fill out the Member Application

3. Attend a Growth Track Class.


are you New to our church?

We welcome you! We're glad you chose to worship with us. We would love to connect further with you. 

are you a new Believer?

We want to see you succeed by helping disciple you and connecting you with others who have walked in your shoes.

do you want to get plugged in?

Our volunteers are a crucial part of our church. Check out our list of ministries so we can get you plugged in a ministry that suits your giftings.

do you want to know what we're about?

We offer a class called Growth Track. Through this class we will educate us on our foundational truths, help you discover your giftings and talents and help develop your leadership potential.