Harvest CHurch
Assembly of God

1500 N. Hudson Street 

Silver City, NM 88061

Application for Membership

Marital Status:

By becoming a member of this church, you are agreeing to certain responsibilities which are important for you to understand. These responsibilities are actually commitments you make to the Lord, not this church. But your commitment to the Lord is an important part of being a member of this church. 

You have a responsibility to: 

- Live a life that is pleasing to the Lord and in agreement      with His word.

-Apply yourself to the study of His Word.

-Continually strive to grow in the grace and knowledge of  God.

-Maintain an active prayer and devotional life.

-Support this work with your time, abilities and finances.

-Testify of your faith to unbelievers.

-Avoid causing strife or division in this body.

-Love, pray for and labor with other Believers.

-Honor the Lord with your worship and praise.

We desire for our church to be pleasing to the Lord in every way. We are not bound to tradition. We are not seeking the praise of man. Our prayer is that God, and God only, gets the glory from our lives and our church. Join with us as we seek His face for the redemption of the lost and revival in our land.

Thank you for your interest. We will review the content and get in contact with you!